About Us

AccreditReady is a that specializes in web-based test preparation and training applications. We are committed to creating quality tests, and creating a community that will help assist future lawyers in achieving their dreams.

We understand that passing the NCA exams is an important step to achieving your dreams of practicing law in Canada. That is why we created AccreditReady, to assist you in achieving your goals. Our customers are important to us, and for this reason we have also created our Success Guarantee.


I was really worried when I came to Canada from India because no one was here to help me, give me notes or even help me through the NCA process. I googled and found AccreditReady. I was able to find notes and I learnt what steps I needed to take to become Canadian qualified. Thank you. This site is extremely useful. This is the only site I found that helped me understand and prepare. Thank you so much AccreditReady.

Signed Vivek


Success Guarantee

At Accredit Ready, we are confident that our program will assist you in preparing for the NCA exams. We also understand it may take longer than 1 year to pass all your exams. With our Success Guarantee, we will extend your membership until you pass all your exams.