Getting Qualified

Step 1:

In order to have a better understanding of the accreditation requirements we suggest that you go to the Federal of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC) website. There you will find the application required to take Canada’s national law accreditation exams. These exams are provided by the National Committee of Accreditation (NCA).

Step 2:

You will need to forward the NCA a letter indicating your intention to write the exams. A certified cheque for each exam is required (check NCA website for latest prices). It may take up to 3 months for the NCA to assess you. Once the NCA has assessed your application, you will be assigned with a number of examinations to write in order to be qualified to practice law in Canada. Applicants are assigned anywhere between 2-12 exams. The number of exams you are assessed is discretionary. They will depend on the following:

• Your experience in the foreign country;
• The law school / country where you obtained your degree;
• Whether you obtained an undergraduate degree prior to your law degree;
• Whether you have been called to the bar in another jurisdiction

Note: There may be various other reasons for the range of exams that you are assessed with and it is not limited to the above noted factors.

Step 3:

Once you are assessed with your exams you can find the appropriate syllabus and sample NCA exams on the NCA website:

Step 4:

Use AccreditReady to prepare and practice various NCA type examinations in order to become more prepared and confident for your NCA exams.

For more information with respect to the mandates and requirements of the NCA, please visit the NCA guideline website.


I was really worried when I came to Canada from India because no one was here to help me, give me notes or even help me through the NCA process. I googled and found AccreditReady. I was able to find notes and I learnt what steps I needed to take to become Canadian qualified. Thank you. This site is extremely useful. This is the only site I found that helped me understand and prepare. Thank you so much AccreditReady.

Signed Vivek


Success Guarantee

At Accredit Ready, we are confident that our program will assist you in preparing for the NCA exams. We also understand it may take longer than 1 year to pass all your exams. With our Success Guarantee, we will extend your membership until you pass all your exams.